Was all bright this Xmas?

I hope you had a good Xmas, but if you didn't I hope you are planning now what you will do for the whole year to avoid, fix, change, rearrange, cut off whatever made you angry.

We opted out this year, next year and many years after. After conducting some research online the past weeks and doing some other fun things to release the burden off our shoulders of celebrating Xmas, we realized that what we have been doing the past 10 plus years is ridiculous!

Our story is quite simple we talk about God to the children but we wrap gifts with Santa paper. We tell them there is no Santa, but yet strangers want to make our children believe there is one. We talk about how we don't have any money to buy everything that they want, yet we ask them, "What do you want?" We say, "This is Christ's birthday." When in fact it isn't. We are disappointed year after year with what people buy us as compared to the money we spend on them. We cuss and fuss about all the noise and "you better not break that toy because you won't be getting another one..." only to buy another one. So in summary, we realized we were a bunch of hypocrites and decided something had to be sacrificed and so we cut off the pagan holiday for good.

So what will we do for New Years? Stay home, out of trouble, invite others to our domain, and open up gifts to celebrate the birth of a New Year while praying to the one who made all things possible. We have apologized profusely to God for the years we glorified a baby for we learned the hard way that it never "pays" to go along to get along or jump on the bandwagon. Rather, we are responsible for the truth and it is up to us to tell it.

Be blessed, not stressed.
Nicholl McGuire
Author When Mothers Cry
Digital book available too!

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