They Take More Than They Give: Our Children

As fast as we make the money, they spend it. As quick as we make the food, they eat it and want more. They are our children and they can get on our nerves!

What goes around does indeed come back around! You probably did it when you were younger, stress your dear parent or guardian out whether with words or noise from time to time. You didn't always mean to, but at times you knew exactly what you were doing. It was a battle of wills! Who would break first? You or they?

# # #

Tis the season and the children are anxiously awaiting what dear ole Santa, I mean... mom and dad will bring. I buried Santa before he got any credit for anything I did! The children have been informed no Santa and possibly no gifts. That's right! Our household got hit in a major way this holiday season due to the recession!

My eldest son was understanding, the second son was crying, the third said "we already have toys!", and the last he just smiled and ran out the room. I was taking it hard myself, but I couldn't let it show. So I prayed about it.

I have always been one of those people who have been outspoken on not borrowing unless you have to and then what did I do? I planned Christmas this year on borrowed money. While I wait for the gifts to arrive, I bought batteries at a local store to spark up the boys old toys again. They were pleased after the bad news.

I personally never experienced what it was like not to celebrate Christmas as a child. Who knows my parents probably did the same thing a time or two we just never knew it?

These days I am doing what I can to pay back what I owe in very, very small amounts. This was my latest mother's cry and hopefully my last at least for awhile anyway.

Nicholl McGuire

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