When Mothers Cry About Money

There is never going to be enough money to do what we want to do. This is a hard truth for some mothers to swallow! To suggest that she live on less is insulting to some working mothers nowadays! Today's mother is more educated than her mother and grandmother. She is more conscious of the things her children need that will make them competitive in school. Every generation before her, wanted to give their children more than what they had.

It all sounds good, but when you are faced with a mountain of debt, some thing has got to give! What is it about money that is making you cry these days? Is it the husband that is spending far more than what you both can afford or is it you? Are the children having one problem after another or just one more activity that is burning a hole in your pocket? Is it necessary to have the four bedroom home, the two cars, the cell phones, the cable television -- all with bells and whistles? Does anyone really pay that close attention to the labels that you wear inside your clothes, on your feet or hung from your shoulder?

The fact is the more money we make, the more we want! The more credit we are accpeted for, the more we want to spend on others! Then we complain to family and friends about our money woes or better yet, we say nothing and pretend as if everything is fine when it is not! How do we find peace about money? For starters we have to learn to appreciate what we have! We think that we need new dishware, new furniture, new clothes for ourselves and the children, new gadgets for our man, and we will be satisfied with all of these purchases until...the dishware falls apart or doesn't work like we had hoped, the furniture and clothes get stained or tear, and the gadgets stop being used or don't work, then WE LOSE IT! We scream, "No one appreciates what I do! I'm still paying on that! I'm sorry I bought this! They don't make anything worthwhile!"

I guess the point of my blog is this, we put more hope in things then we do wisdom! Wisdom tells us that "If you buy that he will become angry or find an excuse to buy something equally or more expensive." Wisdom warns us, "If you get that for the children, they will only ruin it." Wisdom reminds us, "Remember the last time you got something for the household, no one cared as much about it as you, and so you spent more time scolding and warning then truly enjoying it!"

At some point through trial and error, you would think some mothers would get a clue, but they don't! It's time for a reality check, live below your means! Make do with what you have, dress it up, fry it, boil it, flip it, change it, move it, throw it out, give it away, most of all cut it off if it causes you to sin!

I wouldn't speak this way, if I hadn't cried over money in the past myself.

Be blessed not stressed!

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