My 10 Pet Peeves of Motherhood Written By a Mother with Sons

10. Crumbs everywhere. Crumbs on the countertop, on the floor, in the chairs, bedding, etc.
9. Little toy parts hidden behind things, corners, etc.
8. Traveling with everyone in tote on most days even it means just a simple trip to the store for some sanitary napkins!
7. People staying on the phone with you when they can hear your child crying in the background!
6. Never seeming to have enough money!
5. The wait in doctor's offices and emergency rooms.
4. The temper tantrums in the grocery and department store lines.
3. The affect that sugar has on my children (that's why I forbid the nice stranger offering candy to them!)
2. The nasty coughs that keep you up at night.
1. Children deciding to talk to me right when I am trying to hear something on television!!!!!!!!!

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