Judgmental Mothers - Staring, Commenting and Saying What They Wouldn't Do

We have all been there in the store, park, library, parking lots and more, watching angry mothers handle children or ignore them.  Couples fighting about one thing or another.  Children having their share of fallouts.  Observers looking as if, "I have never seen such foolishness!  Shame, shame!" 

Well give it some time and who knows you just might be not only a witness, but a participant with your own or someone else's children (grandchildren) especially if you are married for any length of time to a partner who isn't always going to be nice and loving to you or kids. 

Spend enough time with difficult relatives and they will send your mind to places you didn't think it could go.  Then throw in a stressful job, demanding grandparents, and more debt than finances and who knows how your body might react.  There are plenty of overweight, angry, mentally disturbed, hospitalized, mean-spirited and "I can do no wrong mothers" suffering as your read this.  They more than likely threw some critical stares at other mothers while pretending as if nothing was wrong with them.  Then their turn came around and chronic stress shamed them from the way they look to the ending of marriages while critics looked at them, "Such a awful.  Well, she should have...could have...I would never..."  Watch statements like that.

So when you take a moment to read the following story about a mother, who lost her cool with her  emotional four year old child after grocery shopping, do keep in mind what she says at the end of her story.  Mothers seriously need to cut one another some slack--we ain't perfect!  Click for article.

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