Claim Good Things Will Happen for You and Your Children in the Coming Years

You have prayed, cried, and even lied just to get some things done for your family and sometimes it feels like your best isn't good enough.  It seems the enemy, rather than God's angels are encamped all around you, but not so fast!  There are better days and what you might think is evil is really going to be turned around for your good!  You say, "How so?"  Keep reading.

Just when I was ready to give up being a parent and I recognized one day that all the trials I had gone through prior to writing "When Mothers Cry" was to strengthen me to become a better mother, and not to move me in a direction to give up my role as a mother (whether near or far), I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when I received this revelation.  I am better able to stand strong in the face of opposition due to both knowledge and wisdom and have stayed connected over the years to my God. I see that all my pain was being converted into freeing others through their life storms since I was bold enough to talk about my truth.

I challenge you this day to claim good things for yourself and your children irregardless of what your situation looks like right now!  Even when someone or something tells you that "you can't...you won't...you will not..."  You will tell yourself, "God willing, I will overcome...My children and I will be blessed!"  But this mantra doesn't work if you don't believe it.  You will not be able to stand strong when the fight comes if you don't believe you have already won.  You are taking ownership of your happiness, peace, and truth.  No one defines those things but you!

I think as mothers we give far too much of our authority away to husbands, children, relatives, bosses, exes, in-laws, and others.  They can't control or exert power over us unless we give them the gun and tell them to press the trigger.  I don't know about you, but I am not giving any guns to friends or foes.  Rather I am exposing lies and pain for what they are.  The enemy uses those closest to you to deceive, steal, kill, destroy, and curse your life.  What your enemies called "bad...poor...not good" my God says those were tests and wilderness experiences that I brought you out of and so those same people who think I AM is far from you and is not blessing you, will soon realize just how far away I AM is from them.  Their evil speech will turn into mourning in these upcoming years--notice I didn't say year. 

As a mother, you have to cast down the strongholds that people put upon your family.  You bind curses and turn burdens over to that Almighty God you claim you serve!  Good things can happen and will, because Mother you are going to strategically align yourself with the right people, places and things so that the Holy One will be right on time! 

Moms, we don't cry for the lost and those refused to change for the good, but rejoice for the winners!

Still winning!

Nicholl McGuire is an inspirational speaker to thousands around the web.  Be inspired by her work on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 and purchase one of her latest e-books.

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