Public Education: 'The System Isn't Working Economic Monitor 2013 - 2014

Most schools aren't experiencing children being gunned down, but what is happening are children being dumbed down!  No critical thinking skills, a dependence on parents/government, and no sincere concern about their future by certain teachers, brainwashed by government educational programs, who are more concerned about a paycheck.

How much reading and math education are your young children receiving in school?

What types of worksheets are being given to your child--how much, how few?

What movies are being shown in the school and how often?

Could your child's teacher be nothing more than an agent who promotes consumerism/materialism (a future credit card dependent), unethical behavior, premature sexual activity with the opposite or same sex, and other topics that are better left up to the parents to discuss?

Is your child being dumbed down--he or she was once very bright, inquisitive, and now doesn't do nothing more than watch TV and play video games?  What part did you play in the dumbing down?

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