Little Boys, Little Girls Not One in the Same

Contrary to what others think is considered feminine and masculine, I have my own opinion, plan, and teaching when it comes to raising my sons.  So I don't give into what society tells me is acceptable. 

Toys, clothes and shoes are blue and pink for reasons that some of us may go along with while others simply will not.  I have four boys and they are all very distinct personalities.  One of my sons (who is now eleven) has a kind, sociable personality.  There was a time, while a little boy, he would cry at the drop of a dime, and I would hear, "He's so sensitive."  Well, I didn't encourage such sensitivity, but I didn't scare him to the point that it would make him hate being male.  I understand his environment, his clothing and his associations are and always will make up a good part of who he is.  This is why I teach him to be selective about all and don't let others bully you into thinking their way either!  Therefore, I ask you this, who am I to allow society to tell me that it is now okay for my sons to wear pink?  Why would I tell my sons to never speak up when it comes to homosexuality? 

Year after year the line between what defines a little boy and what defines a little girl are further being blurred.  I had a mother some time ago want to debate about why it was okay for her to let her son wear a purse at five years old.  I'm sorry, but I simply can't give into such foolishness--save that debate for someone who cares.  Mind you, she didn't mention anything about the boy's father, need I say more.

My sons will never be girls no matter what society deems appropriate for them.  They just weren't born that way despite what Gaga's experience was or has been!  Dress a boy up in a wig, wear pumps, sashay across a stage, speak feminine -- it doesn't matter, a boy will always be a boy and a girl will always be a girl. 

When fathers take part in their sons' lives they can help them with defining who they are--that is if dad knows who he is; unfortunately there are men who secretly struggle with their own identity.  Dad's involvement doesn't necessarily mean that it will keep little Johnny from being gay one day, but it sure doesn't hurt!  Little Johnny was born male; therefore, he should be just that without society pressuring him to "come out" or "make a choice."  He should also understand that there are those individuals who will trick him into wearing and doing things to promote their hidden agendas. 

Mothers should encourage dad to get off his behind and do more for the children if he is living in the home or distant.  Why should he be allowed to sit back and relax from being a parent?  Hello!?  Dad should introduce his sons to all things male that is morally, physically, and spiritually decent.  Why leave it up to mom, the coach, the television, and the school all the time to teach and preach to him about what defines his maleness?  What exactly does it mean to be a male anyway?  A mother can't answer that question like a father can whether he is the biological father or step-father. 

From the looks of things, more and more men are looking and acting like women!  They are back-biting, gossiping, wearing women's clothes, moving their arms and legs around like women and so on.  Why is this happening?   Because the majority of people are daily being backed in the corner by the minority!  "If you say that or do this, homophobe, I'll sue!" says the gay man.  Now who is acting like a bully?  Cowards have sat back for far too long and said, "It's okay. I will love you anyway.  Sure, we are a Christian organization and we know what the Bible says about homosexuality, but it's okay for you to preach and teach."  They encourage the foolishness rather than sitting down and talking with gay people in an open and honest way.  Isn't that what they want anyway, the truth?  Give them the truth, even if it hurts!  "We don't agree with your lifestyle and because of that I prefer that you don't call me a name because of it.  If you want respect, you have to respect my point of view.  I will not allow my sons to dress or talk like a girl or woman.  Please refrain from doing XYZ things around my children.  I'm sure you love your boyfriend/girlfriend, but I'm not interested in hearing about your relationship."  Speak up!    

Well, if it isn't okay for women to take on certain societal roles that could possibly endanger them, why would it be okay for men to take on certain societal roles that is actually putting them on a fast track to being the next endangered species?  One day we will look up and see the majority of men that will primarily be everything but simply male.  Oh I dread that day!

From men on steroids to men wearing pumps, we have our share of freaks of nature run by freaks that tell us to be "more open, loving, accepting..."  I didn't mind going along with the program until I had my own children.  Then the blinders came off!  Did I really want a man wearing lipstick and a wig influencing my sons?  Did I really want my own sons putting my heels on and parading around the house?  Did I really want my sons wearing lip gloss and nail polish?

Nope.  Little boys and little girls are different.  Little boys don't have to play with dolls unless you buy them for them.  Little girls don't have to push cars and trucks around on hands and knees unless you make them available.  Little boys do things that make society say, "Oh yeah, he's a boy!  There is no question about it!"  So why would I take something that was meant to be and make it meant not? 

Nicholl McGuire

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