Miscarriage, Baby Loss & Motherhood - What Can I Do to Mark the Death of My Miscarried Baby?

Miscarriage and Mothering Matters

It is several years since I had my miscarriages. And my energy since then has been invested in my Law of Attraction twin toddlers. But many times during this period I have felt the tug of my other babies wanting attention from their mother.

And also from within myself a feeling that I am not mothering them in the way that I want to....very little admiring of them, sharing their wonder, special time alone with them, talking to them.

And no laughter together, deep listening from me and the sense that we are growing together in magical ways.

Miscarried Baby

These are my babies, my children. It doesn't matter that they didn't get to breath outside the womb. I am their mother and I want more for us than an occasional conversation or sending of love. I want more substance, something deeper.

This is what I yearn for now. To get to know my babies. To hear them, to nurture them, to share with them and to receive the gifts they have for me and the world. I want them to thrive too.

Convention suggests that this is not possible because these babies are dead right? That is a bit weird Deirdre.

But in death, only our physical selves cease to exist. Our beautiful essence continues into eternity. Of course we can continue to love, laugh and co-create magic......just in a different way. It helps, of course, if we have a special time or space in which we can do that.

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