Having a Female Midlife Crisis? - Be Grateful

A Female Midlife Crisis is Actually a Midlife Awakening

You should consider a female midlife crisis to be an almost inevitable wakeup call. In a sense, it is nature telling you it's time to pay attention to how you're living your life. What do you really want to accomplish? What's missing from your life? A woman who's having a midlife crisis should not ignore this powerful signal. Instead, it can actually help you, because by understanding it you will be happier.

Don't hang up when you receive your wakeup call; answer it instead.

What is a midlife crisis, anyway?

Things are much different than they used to be. Your female midlife crisis is not the same kind your mother had. Now, we don't believe that menopausal women are crazy and no longer have anything to offer once their children leave home. Instead, we realize that a midlife crisis signals a transition in a woman's life and is something every woman should be grateful for.

It's a loud and sometimes frightening signal to change things that aren't making you happy. If you pay attention to this signal, you'll be able to transform your life.

This is the perfect time to re-evaluate things, determine what's not making you happy, and then make the changes that will lead to a more fulfilling and happier life. As a result, a this transition period can actually be incredibly empowering.

You're aware and you're reading this article, so you're ready to make a change. Right?

The Symptoms of Midlife Crisis

The symptoms of midlife crisis can vary a great deal from woman to woman, depending on lifestyle and mental outlook on life. A more severe transition into the midlife years will often be triggered by major issues such as the death of a parent, divorce, job loss or the empty nest syndrome. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • A feeling of restlessness or a desire for some totally different experiences
  • A fear that time is running out to get what you want out of life
  • Boredom or being discontented with life, including your lifestyle and the things and people around you
  • Wondering whether previous decisions were correct
  • An increase or decrease in your sex drive
  • Depression, lethargy and/or feeling exhausted
  • Feeling overwhelmed or burdened
  • Bursts of frantic energy, anger and/or irritability
  • Realizing your mortality
  • Questioning the meaning of life, your purpose, who you are and where your life is heading
  • Overindulging in alcohol, sex, drugs, food or other compulsive behavior

Be Grateful for your Midlife Awakening

Fortunately, you're living in enlightened times. We now know that great personal growth and awareness can come out of the midlife transitional period. If you let it, this can become a time of re-evaluation, awakening and rebirth.

Now that you know your midlife crisis can actually be a gift, how can you address it and ensure that the next chapter of your life will be the best? Simply cast away any negative stereotypes. Don't be limited in any way by your age, because it's never too late to be happy and fulfilled.

You can begin again and be happy by listening to that wakeup call right now.

Life is supposed to be good. Learn more about how to start over at

Gale Lennard is the creator of - How to be happy in Midlife, A Must-Have Guide for Women Over 40

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