Midlife Transition - Five Ways to Change a Midlife Crisis to Midlife Transformation

There are several things you can do to be sure that what could be a mid-life crisis is actually an opportunity for transformation. It is not inevitable to be in 'crisis' and the symptoms are not all just physical. Here are five ways you can change a crisis to an experience that is transforming:

1. Feelings are not right or wrong.

Just allow them to be and FEEL them fully and you'll find that they change easily. I have learned that every feeling fully felt actually becomes blissful. It's the ones we attempt to deny that cause problems. Share them with someone who will listen but not let you wallow. A great coach can help here - or a really good friend.

2. Spend time in reflection each day.

Crisis can be averted if you see it coming. It's those who ignore the signs that get in trouble. Think about your life - where you want it to be - not where it is!

3. See your spouse (if you are married) in a whole new light.

Rekindle the experience of having both a friend and lover. Often, we take one another for granted. Find a few hours each week to be alone together and remember why you got together in the first place.

4. Reconsider your goals

Are the things you are considering realistic? Do they give you a sense of aliveness. I believe that the best goals to set are the ones that connect us with our essence rather than specifics. I mean set a goal to find more JOY each day, as an example, or look for ways you can show more LOVE to all you meet. This produces amazing results.

5. Make yourself do something you've never done before.

It could be a new hobby, or as simple as tasting some kind of food you've never eaten. Most of my friends find a new way to challenge themselves every month - it keeps life exciting.

And there are so many more. I'm all about creating a new Midlife paradigm. I've been studying (and living) this stuff for sometime now. I'd like to share more thoughts with you. When you subscribe to my free Reinvent Midlife newsletter, you'll receive instant access to a special report called, "7 Secrets for Reinventing Midlife from the Inside-Out". Go now to

From Dr. Toni LaMotta, , The Midlife Mentor, Best-selling Author of "What You REALLY Want, Wants You", Inspirational Keynote Speaker

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