A Simple Tip to Keep the Children & Teens Busy on Weekends

I don't know about you, but I don't like to see my children waste a weekend playing video games all day! So what I do is make plans for them on weekends especially when the weather is not good.

The first thing I do is get the notebook and pen out and I create a time chart based on their waking hours usually I make it neat enough to hang up or I write notes on a dry erase board that in the past I hung up in their room before we relocated.

Basically it looks something like this...

I include action photos, stick figures and stickers for the little ones who can't read.

8:00 - Wash face, brush teeth, and put your clothes on.

9:00 - Watch television, computer time, or play video games using ear phones.

10:00 - Breakfast

11:00 - For older ones read a book, complete homework, or do practice math and reading worksheets. The younger ones: color, toys, stack blocks, or other age appropriate activity.

12 noon - nap time for the little ones and "do nothing" time for the tweens.

During this time I encourage the older ones to reflect on their day, the past, present and future. Since I am a praying mother, I encourage them to use this time to talk to God quietly in their minds. Its like a form of meditation and it works when they are lying down on their beds usually they will go to sleep too.

The remaining part of the day is usually planned out as well. Sometimes we deviate from the schedule because we may have errands to run and places to go.

I provide enough time between activities and projects for them to complete them during the evening since the day begins to slow down for me, but pick back up for them since they are energized. I encourage any parent to relax while the household is quiet. Rather than participating in physical activities that will only leave you tired and irritable and not recharged to deal with the children during the second half of the day, do those tasks (like exercising) while they are awake. Get them involved. Let the older ones do chores and use an incentive program for their assistance such as: pizza, money, or a new toy, game or article of clothing they really like.

I noticed that with a well-planned weekend, the children's behavior was much better and I didn't have to discipline as much. After awhile they get used to your plan and they just start doing things without your asking. My one son (who stays with his dad but comes during school breaks) doesn't have to be told anything. He use to come over and look at his schedule, now he just does things automatically including dusting!

Hope this works for you!

Nicholl McGuire

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