4 Play Tips That Will Strengthen Your Mother-Child Bond

Being a mother is a wonderful job that most women hope to take on some day. But, most mothers have that fear that their children will grow up and forget about them, or have minimal relationships with them. The best way to strengthen your mother child bond and to keep it strong is to play with your child on a daily basis. Make them laugh and giggle and show interest in their lives. Here are some great playtips that will help you bond with your child:

1. Your child likes to be involved in what you are doing. So involve them: Let them help you clean and cook and make it fun and teach them while you do it.

2. Play "make believe" with your child. They love this game and this really helps with their imagination. The two of you can act out and be some crazy characters and build lasting memories

3. Spend some time outside with your child. They love to collect leaves, bugs, flowers; many of nature's wonderful things. Do this with them and teach them about these objects as you go along.

4. Always ask your child about their interests and activities. Show interest and listen to them. They have a lot to say and have a lot of questions. Make time for these conversations on a daily basis.

These are just a few tips that will help you to play with your child and strengthen that bond. Keep doing activities and showing interest in your child forever to keep that bond strong. You are their mother, and they want to learn and to be just like you when they are children. Give them love and confidence, and your bond will stay throughout your life time!

Robyn is a mom first and foremost! She is the owner and CEO of Life Balance and has a website dedicated to moms. For more helpful play ideas and answers to your mom questions, please visit her website at

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