Poem: What Kind of Woman - An Unpopular Cry of Mothers & Their Girlfriends

A best friend to a few
a stranger to some.

Graciously she gives
to her circle of friends.

Never failing to offer
her advice, her help
employed, intelligent
conniving, selfish

She sits at home alone
dwelling in her haves and have nots.
All the while that she gives,
she wants to be thin,
to have money,
to be loved
by your man.

And she'll risk the chance
to lose you to win him!

Jealous emotions started gradually
your smile, your thoughtfulness,
your wealth, your words, your children,
your wedding photographs.

Your best friend was steadily falling
deeper and deeper into your life
your home
and your bedroom.

Somehow you knew,
somehow you suspected.
But you lost track of time.
You forgot to rid yourself of her.

So here you are
and there she is
and you ask,
"What kind of woman?"

Nicholl McGuire

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