Living and Looking Better than Mother? Look out!

How can a mother be jealous of her daughter? Well there are many out there who are! They prayed for their baby girl many years ago, "Please give her a better life than mine, Lord!" Then guess what? God answered the mother's prayers and now she is eye rolling behind her daughter's back. Bad mouthing her to family and friends. Finally, criticizing her daughter for being "too this" and "too that!"

When you reach a place when you live and look better than dear old mom, she has to make herself feel good about the jealous feelings inside that she has toward you and your lifestyle. You may have various certificates and letters behind your name, a great partner, nice home, beautiful car, and exceptional children. Your mother may remember the days when she had nothing like what you have and if you didn't have to work as hard as she did to get the kind of lifestyle you now have, well she maybe even more resentful! Mom may have made up in her mind to accept you for who you are, belittle you for who you have become, or simply ignore you while spending all her time being concerned about herself.

This is a cry that some daughters try to hide from family and friends concerning their mother, because she doesn't feel comfortable sharing hurt feelings. "How could my mother treat me this way? What have I ever done that was so wrong that my mother resents me so much? How could she talk about me so badly to others? THIS IS MY MOTHER!"

Although society will paint this picture of a mother being caring and loving to her children and tending to their every need, we all know that is not reality! Your partner, realtives, or friends may have a wonderful relationship with their mothers while you don't. So if you were to explain your problems to them, they wouldn't understand. In fact, they may say, "Well what did you do for your mother to treat the way that she does?" This is a question that just might ignite a firestorm of anger from you to your confidants. Don't look for comfort or advice on how to deal with your mother from people who haven't been where you are!

So when your mother behaves in a way that makes you feel like she is jealous of how well you are doing personally and professionally, you will have to learn how to set aside the "mother" title and just deal with mother as a jealous woman. Too often daughters will put themselves in the line of fire knowing that their mother has no plans on changing who she is. When a daughter sees that her mother is hell bent on making her feel miserable, she will have to stand up for herself and create a safe distance from her mother. When someone continually says or does something to you that hurts, it doesn't matter who the person is, their actions are abusive and you don't have to accept them!

When you hear a story of a woman going through something similar as described in this blog, share your experience and how you dealt with your own mother. However, if you have a wonderful relationship with your own mother than keep your opinion to yourself. Remember bragging about how great your relationship is with your mother doesn't help anyone but you!

Nicholl McGuire
Author, Poet & Freelance Writer

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