When Mothers Cry: The Book

You have expressed how you felt about motherhood secretly to God, relatives, and friends and for some of you, you wish you hadn't! I know, people look at you differently don't they? They just don't understand, but I do. I know what it feels like to be so stressed out to the point that you are sick to your stomach! It seems the only free time you have for yourself is late at night. Can I tell you that I even lost a friend or two, because I simply had made no time for them. My excuse, busy! So busy with the man and children that it actually bothered me to have to answer my phone and take time out to talk, because my free time was so limited!

I also found that women who are head over heels in love with their children, think that I have a disease. They think that if they come around a woman like me they may catch some kind of, "I hate my children disease!" The truth of the matter is frustrated moms at least many of them don't hate their children, if anything they love them maybe too much. Everything has to be right, perfect, nothing out of order! Our children have to have the best doctors, schools, be a part of some group or participate in some extra activity, they have to pray and read the Bible, and do whatever else we tell them to do that will make the whole family look good! Am I right? So a frustrated, angry mom never wanted to one day resent her children. Hey the road to hell is paved with good intentions, you know?! All she wanted was the best, so much in fact that she can't see nothing less. Maybe that's why she is slow to get some help, because in her eyes, to express weakness is to admit defeat! She reasons that "there is nothing wrong with me." She says that "it is okay not to like being a mother," but when it becomes a daily feeling that engulfs one's spirit, there is a serious problem.

So with all that said, it is time for the book, When Mothers Cry by Nicholl McGuire. This book was written for mothers who have journeyed through life for everyone but themselves. The book provides tips to help you get over the trials and tribulations that have caused you to neglect who you are as a woman! The cover is done, the editing process is almost complete and the book will be ready before the children go back to school in September 2009! Audio will soon follow and video has been discussed. The wait is almost over! However, it costs money to promote this project and what I will need from my supporters are donations, anything you can spare. So if you can give, please do. I will be making books available for free in the future for a limited time to those who can't afford to pay.

Well, thanks again for sticking through the ups and downs of this blog! If you would like to subscribe to it, just fill out the form at the end of the blog. For suggestions, feel free to send me an email at virtualassistant007@yahoo.com. We are temporarily accepting emails at this address.

Keep reading and thanks for your support!
Nicholl McGuire

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