Are Your Children Dominating Your World?

You love them.  They mean a lot to you.  You would do almost anything for them.  But are your children everything to you?  Now before you are quick to say, "No."  Answer the following:

1)  Do you find yourself rearranging your schedule to suit them even when you could ask others for assistance?

2)  Do you show up at most events and when you are unable to attend do you viciously argue with others about why they should be at your child/children's performances?

3)  Do you have frequent headaches because you expect your children to be the best at whatever they do and when they fall short you have a long list of consequences?

4)  Do you threaten others about your children sometimes over the most mundane things?

5)  Has your marriage or dating relationships come to a swift end because someone spoke up about the way you treat your children?

6)  Are you in much debt because of children?  How about you take a moment and check your bank account, credit card, and personal loan statements, are your children's requests showing up?  How much did you spend last year on toys, activities, unplanned grocery items, crafts, entertainment, etc.?

7)  Do you fight with the desire to do for you or do for them even over the littlest of things like whether you should avoid buying lunch at work for yourself v/s ordering them a pizza or whatever else they like after work?

8)  Do you find yourself skipping a bill payment just so that you can buy something like a Nintendo Switch for your child or some other item merchants have brainwashed our children into believing they must have?

9)  Do you have relatives or friends who don't feel comfortable around you due to your overreactions regarding your children?

10)  Are your children getting in the way of your personal time with God?

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Now that you answered those questions, hopefully honestly, consider the time, energy, sacrifice, money, and more that you give up for your children.  Should they be esteemed like this?  Are they more important than your marriage, personal hobbies, employment, and more?  Remember children are in our lives for a season obeying us, but then they will no longer be all that agreeable and will want lives their own.  Then what?  Your life is either starting or is revolving around your children for any number of factors such as:

  • A spouse no longer likes or loves you so you use the children to fulfill personal needs.
  • Family and friends who are often busy and don't have much time or energy to be there for you, but "Hey, there is always the kids and all their activities."
  • Too much extended family involvement to the point that they have driven you toward your children so you use them as an excuse.
  • Your faith has been stagnant for years and God is no longer important (if he ever was), but those "idols" are there and so you worship them.
  • You don't like your job so any excuse to leave it for the kids.
  • You are running away from other responsibilities by spending more on them for the temporal pleasure of feeling good that you did many things for your children.
  • You feel like you need to prove something to your spouse so you go overboard helping your children even when they don't need or want your help.

You probably can list a few more reasons why your children are all-too-important these days.

Sometimes parents feel guilty about a number of things and others use their remarkable treatment of their children to cover up some dark things within and around them.  As we all know, too much of anything isn't good and sooner or later the act will be revealed.  For other doting yet obsessed parents, they will unfortunately start to resent their children sooner or later.

"Look at all the things I have done, gave up for you....and you treat me like this," yells Mom.
The child might respond, "And I didn't ask you to do all those things!  Besides weren't you really doing all this for your SELF?"

Wow, powerful truth, take heed now before it's too late!

Nicholl McGuire is the blog owner, author and speaker on faith-based YouTube channel: NM Enterprise 7 

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