Show Support to Mothers Who Love or Dislike Their Roles

Whether a mother is content or discontent with being a mother, show support either way!  When women are prideful like putting one another down because they feel negative about their roles, you have to wonder why do they act so coldly toward women who are already feeling down about motherhood? 

Not every mother is equipped mentally or physically to handle children prior, during or after birth.  Sometimes women don't have a clue just how challenging it can be caring for children until they have to deal with the reality that their own are here to stay and oftentimes there is no immediate assistance when times are rough.  The children want...need....cry...pout...complain...fight...etc. and you have to be everything to them especially when you don't have enough money to pay someone to help you or a partner who is available to assist. 

This is why one shouldn't be so quick to say things like, "I never...I wouldn't...I always...I love mine very much..."  You never know the day when you will be challenged on your personal beliefs, lose your mind due to a shocking event with a child, or end it up saying goodbye to a marriage, job, baby, or something else you might treasure. 

What many women who have suffered great losses will not admit to is how judgmental and arrogant some were prior to their life disappointments.  How they spoke highly of themselves while putting down others--what a humbling experience when one looks up one day and realizes that after making so many sacrifices to be the best parent possible to a child, one's son or daughter isn't the least bit concerned about the prideful mother's needs or worse isn't around due to a variety of issues.  But conceited mom will never tell her family or friends just how hurt she feels, because she remembers when she stood up straight and tall and talked much about herself and how wonderful a parent she was. 

We all reap what we have sown sooner or later.  Avoid the temptation to put down other mothers, because you never know when you might be that one on the news, in the jail, standing in the welfare line, divorced, mistreated by one's child, and more!  Opinion pieces like the following is why I created this blog years ago.  Read for yourself  Should we sympathize with discontented mothers?

Nicholl McGuire

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