Child Molestation - Gymnast Coaches

You don't suspect that the person (or group) you are dropping your child off with might be a pedophile.  However, with so many stories of sexual abuse at schools, you should be guarded about those local community businesses that offer music lessons, sports, churches, daycares, afterschool programs and more as well.  These are breeding grounds for sick, twisted criminals! 

Recently, a story broke about 100 plus gymnast coaches molesting over 300 plus children in the past 20 years!!  Just imagine the trauma these children faced--day after day stressed and the parents didn't have a clue until they mustered up enough courage to say something.  There could be plenty more cases of abuse out there but because these evil adults used all sorts of manipulative measures to keep children quiet, we will never know. 

Just think for a moment a trusted coach tells a child, "You want to go to the Olympics, right?  Well don't tell..."  Teach your children to stand up, fight, and speak up when adults are saying and doing inappropriate things whether they are happening to them or someone else.  Tell them about every lie imaginable an adult might come up with to keep them silent. 

See the latest article: In the Past 20 Years, 368 Child Gymnasts Have Come Forward With Allegations of Sexual Abuse   

Nicholl McGuire

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