Your Partner Thinks He is Your Daddy

Just when you thought you couldn't take much more, your partner acts controlling like your father.  He tells you where to go, what to do, what to buy, etc.  You look at this man like he is a fool.  "You got to be kidding, right?  Just because I call you Daddy sometimes didn't mean that you could start acting like him..."  Calling one's husband or boyfriend "Dad" or "Daddy" is a mistake of many fatherless women.  You don't ever call your husband/boyfriend a title that isn't an accurate portrayal of him especially if you don't want to be controlled by him.  One gives her mate unspeakable power and control like that of a parent.  He subconsciously thinks he can mold and shape his wife like a child and treat her like the children--even teens will eventually rebel against this sort of thing with their own parents.

So here this man stands before you (or maybe someone you know) breathing like he is about to expel fire from his nose with eyes almost demonic like.  He shouts you down, threatens, or even calls you a name or two.  The children either witness the commotion or in the next room they are oblivious to what is happening.  Something on the inside arises in you and every negative emotion that you had for your own father comes flowing like a river.

In the book by Nicholl McGuire, author of When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and other books, she has created a thought-provoking guide to getting free from the emotional ties that bind daughters and sons to controlling fathers, emotionally unavailable Dads, and others. 

When one repeatedly argues with his or her mate in ways that trigger negative childhood memories, something happens during various stages of life that reminds us, "You have issues."  In Nicholl's work, the challenges are how we deal or don't deal with difficult fathers and other toxic men in our lives and how to break free emotionally, spiritually and more.  So when you are ready to sever toxic ties, Nicholl's book, Say Goodbye to Dad is here to help.

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