Why Bother Reaching Out to Some Relatives and Friends?

They can't help you, don't really like you, and seem to tolerate you because your mate puts up with you, these people you call "family, in-law, son, daughter, best buddy...," why do you continue to bother with them when you know the relationship has clearly changed?

I thought of this when I saw a family of Mexicans coming out of their home and I said to myself, "Don't they get tired of one another, I mean having so many people living in a small place and everyone knowing so much about you..."  From a distance, it appeared relatives, in-laws, and friends were cool, but when I looked closely at their faces, I saw stress.

Now if we were all living together for a long period of time, we would grow angry with one another and might even threaten not to see one another again.  Yet, most of us don't live in an atmosphere with many people, but our cell phones are crowded with phone numbers.  When we have slow moments in our lives, we call the good, bad, and ugly in our lives, don't we?

Why do we bother with some folks?  Because they are mothers like us, bought our kids something years ago, said something nice about us, hoped that things had changed with them, God told us...why? These lukewarm individuals rarely acknowledge us, partners and our children, and will seldom, if ever, send us anything.  Some dispense compliments few and far in between.  They don't sound happy to hear from us.  And thinking back, they really didn't care for us when we first met them, and that hasn't changed for some.

The holidays come along and now everyone wants you around and this one is celebrating a birthday and that one is expecting you show up to this child's game, but what is happening in the meantime? Nothing.  No phone calls and other forms of communication unless you initiate it.  Sometimes they are the ones who could have, should have, and would have done for you and children, but decided that because they don't like how someone behaved with them or what they heard about you, they will not make much contact, if at all, with you.  People in relationships experience this much especially with in-laws.  If the husband or wife doesn't do well about connecting with his or her side of the family, the rest of his or her family members are forgotten.

Not only do relationships with partners take work, so do maintaining a connection with relatives and friends and because of this, we must look beyond that old circle of relatives and friends.  The folks you grew up with served their purpose and some of those friendships have since expired.  Some relatives may or may not be there for you depending on their mood for the day, whether they are generous, or really like you.  Whatever the issue, I ask again, why bother reaching out to some relatives and friends?

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7  

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