Spring Break with Children, School Break Challenges

Well you knew it was coming, days off from school and you hate it!  Look, your secret is safe with me.  For years, I wasn't too happy about spring break either especially when I had two in diapers, one was being breast fed and the other was always into something.  The other two (yes four at home) would sometimes physically and verbally fight.  This is one of many reasons I lean on God to date as a result of motherhood issues.  See my work on YouTube channel nmenterprise7.  So I know what it is like to resent those days off from school particularly when you have little money and no job outside the home.

Spring break with children doesn't have to be too bad when mom makes up in her mind she will not be defeated by crying children, whining tweens and smart-mouthed teens.  You will be strong!  You will find your peace even while you struggle with school break challenges.  Here is a list of things you can do to get through this mentally and physically draining period.

1.  Get up, put your clothes on, and start your day with a sense of purpose.  When you do, you will be ready to do some things with the children when they plead, "Can we go out?  Are we going somewhere today?"

2.  Partner with other mothers or ask a supportive relative to tag along sometimes when you go out.  It makes it so easy when you have someone who can relate and is calm and patient with you and your kids.  Avoid those relatives who will only make you angry and wish that you would have never asked them to help.

3.  List activities you want them to participate in that will do the following:  give you a break, make life easier around the home (like doing chores for starters--more on this later), and won't wear you out!  Those time-consuming craft projects that require adult supervision will burn you out.  Having the children participate in something where you need to be present, a waste of time and money when you have a lot to do.

4.  Chores -- put children to work.  Create another list of everything those hands can do around your home.  From dusting to putting dishes away, everyone should have a task.  Did you see what I had my little ones doing at three and four on YouTube.  If not, see here and here.  This is another video I did as well, When the Kids are Busy Everyone is Happy.

5.  Stretch and exercise.  They can do it and so can you.  Breaks tend to make everyone eat more because the food is readily available and school related events have slowed down.  Afternoons and evenings.  Who says you only need to go out once a day?  Get those children going a couple of times a day--wear them out!  If you can take them to a gym where there is a daycare and you can afford it, do it.

6.  Visit people willing to watch your children or take them along to family events.  You will usually reap the benefits later after they get use to seeing you.  Many grandparents don't like the sudden phone call asking for something or dropping by and leaving children yet there is little conversation.

7.  Check into local recreation and park departments in your town/city to see what activities are taking place.  Go to church and ask members to pray for you and family.  Make time for God, because you will need Him!

8.  Use those rooms in your home and separate children. Anyone who leaves an area will have to deal with you!

9.  Take advantage of gaming devices, video, music, computers, and other things, but don't let them babysit the children for hours and hours.  Set a timer so that you won't forget about them--lol!

10.  Baths, swings, jumpers, music, vacuum cleaner noises, full belly, change of scenery/fresh air, card rides,and frequently changed diapers often helps those fussy babies.  Otherwise, you can stay in a room and pace the floor while crying right along with baby.  If the situation is not under control and other symptoms seem to be getting the best of baby, you will need to make that dreaded doctor's appointment.  See WebMD for health concerns.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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