When Mothers Cry Author Tells of Her Blogging Experience

Since the release of When Mothers Cry after typing my thoughts for awhile via the Internet, I can tell you that the response has been warm and the book well-received.  Despite the challenges I faced while trying to express my thoughts about motherhood via blog and book, I wrote and wrote anyway, forcing myself not to worry about the mistakes I made with children, the writing errors, and the negative people, places and things around me.  There are just some things you say and do that are considered by society's standards proper, professional, and productive.  However, those of us who have cried much and kept plowing right through life's storms will put aside what others say and think and just do what's right minus a few too many missing punctuations, well-established connections, and lack of cash.

My seven plus years blogging experience has been interesting to say the least.  I feel more knowledgeable of who I am as a mother and as an individual.  I realize that I really do value my quiet time, my children, and what life has to offer for us.  I noticed that when I felt very down about my role as a mother was due to being around far too many critical individuals.  The type of people who won't let you just be without a judgmental stare or a nasty comment.  Moms make mistakes, moms don't always like their roles, and moms love too even when their is no toy or fancy clothes budget for herself and children.

What I find since writing about my motherhood experiences that I find great is that there are many moms, just like me, who don't mind crying, fighting, and reaching out to an awesome God who we don't always understand.  But what I didn't anticipate or like, since blogging, was those family members who kept mum about their personal hardships and wanted to keep a fa├žade of self-righteousness and a "I don't do any wrong when it comes to my children" front.  Oh, there is still much work to do!

Well I am glad to see progress in my life and not regress.  I hope that others are experiencing the same.  To your success mothers and thanks for supporting this blog and the book, When Mothers Cry.

Nicholl McGuire

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