Parents: The Danger of Not Making Children Listen to You

They run through parking lots, pull down things from shelves, interrupt adults in heated battles, make loud noises in quiet settings, climb on things they are not supposed to, or try to eat stuff not meant to be put up to mouths, children should listen to people who try to keep them safe.

"Don't touch that...stay away from there...where is the parent?  Who is responsible for this child?"

Yet, the rebellious adult, who once didn't like listening to his or her own parents/guardians and grandparents, doesn't want to rob a child of a learning experience or fights hard not to be as strict as those he or she knew growing up, will not make children listen much.  Usually when this parent wants children to listen is when it is convenient for him or her, but not so much for others.  Men and women, who are in relationships with a rebellious parent type unfortunately have their share of parenting issues with them.  The nonchalant attitude of a parent, who is easily annoyed with authority figures, orderly people, or even clean individuals, finds rules are so archaic.  They don't like making their children do what they are told.

An angry little boy kicks, screams, and curses, dad doesn't do anything until mom tells the boy to get up.  The spoiled daughter, who has far too many things, isn't required to go to bed at a certain time, can eat what she wants, and doesn't bother to do homework unless she feels like it.  This child can be a source of much drama between parents.  Who is setting an order for the household and making the child follow it?

The danger of not making children listen to parents has caused many children to visit graves prematurely.  These sons and daughters have died, because they repeatedly did some things they might have been admonished about, but there were never any consequences. 

Sometimes parents of deceased children thought risky behaviors of children were cute, fun, and "...wasn't bothering anyone" until a tragic accident took place.  Couples have divorced because a lazy or irresponsible parent was simply uncaring and didn't do much when it came to disciplining children.

The next time when a parent is tempted to turn up his or her nose at someone because that person chose to boldly warn a child not to do something, take heed, because one never knows when death might strike. 

Nicholl McGuire

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