Mothers - A Needed Change in Finances, Relationships

Have you ever looked at your billing statement from a creditor and sighed, wishing yet again you didn't put so much on your credit card for children?  Was there ever a time that you looked at your husband/partner and wished that you could receive the same kind of hug from him or her that was given to the children?  Do you wish to do something better in your life, but lack resources, education, and motivation to get it done?  If you have ever felt this way, then know that you are not alone!  There are plenty of mothers on this site and others who wanted change in their lives from finances to relationships, but did nothing.  You are different and you will do something, because you want to!

When mothers let themselves cry to the point that they are sick and tired, things change!  A mother who is sincerely fed up with the credit card debt will cut it up and will not use it again. She remembers how she missed out on getting things done, because she spent hundreds on stuff for the kids once again.  A mother who is bitter about how a partner treats children better than her will make up in her mind to either reach out for affection or move on with her life.  She will welcome someone into her life who will show her the love she craves (of course not before handling her past, so that she can have a future).  And a mother who wants very much to accomplish dreams will go after them, while cutting back or off those things that keep hindering her.  From Internet surfing to finding a caretaker for her child, she no longer makes excuses--she just does what is needed!

You don't need a step-by-step guide on motivating yourself to do some things differently in your life.  All you really need is the passion to put what it is you sincerely want to do in your life in front of you each day and work at it.  Think of that thing you want to do most.  Now if it is like a need to go to the bathroom, you would just get up and do it without thinking, right?  Well, you have to treat that task like it is important and do it without pondering deeply on it or you will talk yourself out of getting that thing accomplished. 

"When?" says Self.
"Now. I need to do it."
"How?" says Self. 
"Create a plan.  Do it."
"What will people think?" says Self. 
"Not your concern. Do it."
"Who will help?" says Self.
 "Is it really necessary to get anyone else involved at this point?  Just do it!"

Let your cry be the motivation to get what you desire most, done!

Nicholl McGuire also shares information on all related things about organizing here. 

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