Your Mother, My Mother and Their Mother

When speaking about our mothers we have a choice to speak positively or negatively about them.  We can spout truth or tell lies.  We can expose or cover up the stories of our mothers.  We can do many things, but if any reader considers his or herself a child of God, we cannot dishonor them.  These women, irregardless of our personal feelings, were used to put us here on this planet and our responsibility, if we consider ourselves to be followers of Jesus, is to be beacons of light in a sinful world.

One must avoid the temptation to judge our sisters who are unhappy with their mothers for reasons only these women fully know.  However, we are to encourage these daughters to be "the bigger person" when their relationships with their mothers are in crisis--look beyond the faults of mothers and see God.  Now this doesn't mean subject yourself to emotional and physical abuse, but what it does imply is to focus on your Creator during times of turmoil even if it means you need to take a break from dear mom. 

Mothers are flawed human beings who don't always realize the magnitude of their negative statements and misdeeds.  Maybe one's mother is known for exaggerations, lying, being rude and arrogant or maybe she is a sweet woman and wouldn't hurt a flea.  God sees all.  A mother is not above the wrath of her Creator who has called her to be a parent whether she is young or old.  She is supposed to live a respectable lifestyle--the kind that her family would one day call her, "Blessed."  Yet, when she chooses to do what she wants and ignore the writing on the wall that may include an apology to children, a call to say "I love you", speak words of wisdom, or other things that her God instructs, then she is really not your problem, mine or theirs, but she is God's.

Take a moment to pray for your mother, mine and their mother.

Nicholl McGuire


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