When Mothers Cry about Love

Too little love, no love or desperate to find love, the mother cries at night.  She regrets her past decisions while hoping her present and future will look brighter.  What did she do to come so far, yet fall so backward in her love life?

My name is Nicholl, the author of When Mothers Cry.  There are so many mothers who are so focused on children that when they finally have some time to review their life's decisions, they realize that while children are happy and have moved on with their lives, they are asking, "Now when will I be happy, in love, and ready to begin my life?"

One must earn her place in the world, so we have learned from our wiser, elder moms.  Many sacrifices have been made by mature mothers in an effort to reach the good life, if there is such a thing, a time where one can sit on one's behind and watch television for as long as she wants, visit places at her leisure, and walk around in the nude anytime she dares.  Widows live this life, retirees, the divorced, and other senior mothers, and most don't complain much about spouses, seeing grandchildren, cooking, cleaning, etc. because they lived it for many, many years in a past life. 

The women, who have been there and done that, are content with just loving self, even if no one else, acts like they love them much.  Aging spouses, busy adult sons and daughters, and others may not show love, but they know that Mom is still around.  But Moms need love too!

There are moms that would love a moment with a partner that says, "I simply want to be with you...I love you!"  There are moms who would love for their children to do something nice for them without being prompted by a holiday or because they want something from them. 

If you are a mother, pray for yourself and others who need love.  Life is simply too short to forget to show and receive love!  If you are not a mother, then take a moment to show a mom some love today. 

Nicholl McGuire

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