When Children are At Risk...Think Twice Who You Leave Them With!

It can be troubling for a parent to come to a breaking point where he or she can no longer parent a child for any number of reasons.  A child who is at risk is when who is often failing in the classroom, hard to parent on the home front, and suffers from any number of emotional issues and/or physical handicaps. 

The logical thing to do for any frustrated parent would be to seek help online and offline in an effort to relieve one from the stresses of having to deal with a troublesome child before he or she cracks up! However, the parent who has simply had enough, must be careful when seeking additional help.  One has seen enough reports on television, Internet and elsewhere to know that there is much evil in this world.  Sick adults take advantage of children.  They use them in despicable ways!  A parent may be bitter, angry, and even weary of one's child, but before he or she throws him or her to the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing, think twice!

Some relatives, friends, and even strangers may appear like they are trustworthy and want what is in the best interest of a child.  But what some may not know is that all have their own agenda.  What really is the relative or friend's real reason for wanting one's child?  From the grandmother who wants to parent a child because she thinks that she can do better the second time around to the childless gay friend who thinks he can make a great dad, someone somewhere has a plan for a child--good, bad or otherwise.  It is up to the parent of the child, who may have worked his or her last nerve, to make the best decision--one that is in the best interest of the child.  Some people simply have better resources, live in great locations, and have good connections that can benefit a child, but others not so much.  Yet, one can have much while lacking in educational skills, patience, love, and kindness. 

I think of organizations like those that tailor to boys and girls that are designed to teach children and steer them in directions where they can become productive members of society. They are out there, but what one has to do is search and search some more for the best match, interview former workers/students, check reviews both on and offline, research the organizations' connections, donors, media coverage, and more to find out whether these boy and girl groups are really beneficial to children.  Child prostitution rings haven't disappeared--they are still very much covert operations protected by the groups you would least likely suspect.  There are still perverted men and women performing acts with (and on) children that pay homage to their gods and appease fleshly desires.  If you haven't read a Bible in awhile, you just might want to--there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to human sacrifice in all its forms!

So be wise, think before you drop your child off on someone's doorstep just because that person holds a special place in your heart or has this connection or that one--and if life ever gets so bad for you and your child, say a prayer and ask God to lead you in the right direction.  The worse thing that any parent can do is grow to hate a child (that is or isn't their own) so much that one leaves him or her with someone just as fed up (stressed), crazed, emotional, or wild if not more.

If your child has caused you much stress lately, consider this, there are many parents that have permanently scarred children as a result of foolish behaviors and others who no longer have their children because of poor decision-making.  Muster up the strength and the courage to do what's right.

Nicholl McGuire

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