When Mom Tries to Look on the Bright Side of Things

1.  Who spilled lemonade on the floor? What's that smell?  Oh no, that's not lemonade, it's pee!

2.  When did the boys get that little dinosaur?  Oh my God, it moved!  That's a lizard!  There's a lizard in the house!

3.  What are those black, hard looking things by the washer?  What's poop!  Who left poop in their underwear?  Didn't I teach you all how to wipe yourselves clean?

4.  Who cut out a piece of your hair--it looks like a circle in your head?  Oh no, he has ringworm!

5.  Where did that dirt come from?  You got to be kidding me, you got it from an ant hill?!

6.  That's a nice song that you are humming, what's it called?  You don't sing about butt cheeks!

7.  Why are you crying, does something hurt?  Are you really going to cry about hair growing on your privates!

Just another day with sons. (sigh)

Nicholl McGuire

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