When Loving a Man Costs Too Much

A woman gives up her single, happy life to date a man she thinks she knows.  She ignores her gut feeling.  She pretends as if he doesn't have any exs.  She acts as if she has the best you know what than any of the women preceeding him.  The two eventually get married, because she thinks, "It's what's best."  Later, they have a baby or two, or three, or four, or five plus.  Then she supposedly finds out he is bad news and so she plays hell trying to stick the relationship out.  While she is working hard to be the best wife/friend, he could care less.  She forsakes family and friends for the man.  She goes into massive debt for the man.  She works a job or two for the household.  And with all that, he finds fault with her, badmouths her to others, and then smiles in her face when he needs her to do yet another thing. 

How many times have we seen this scenario play out in a television movie, hear someone talk about "a friend" or worse have this sort of thing happen to any one of us?  Whether she is a woman of faith or not, desperate singles looking for a lover, sugar daddy, or a father figure for their children, will play out a fantasy of sorts, while hoping for the best.  She envisions a life where she doesn't have to work as hard, someone will love her, and she can create a photobook of Kodak moments!  Therefore, she opens heart, arms, and legs wide for someone/something (a dark spirit) that she doesn't know has more issues than she.  Whether he is a compulsive liar, spender, gambler, porn addict, alcohol abuser, drug user, unavailable, emotionally and/or physically abusive, a desperate woman will look to be fulfilled.  "We can pray about all that later...we can deal with the issues--everyone has issues...lets just get married, have a baby, move, buy a house, get a car."  Reason away challenge after challenge.  Justify, defend and fight anyone who objects/warns/advises.  Mom says, "Honey, maybe you might want to slow down, I mean take your time.  You really don't know this guy that well."  The gullible woman retorts, "I know what I'm doing...Well, I did this because...I feel that what is going on is just..."  The silly woman, blinded by her own fantasy, is not listening, so stop talking!

Sisters:  white, yellow, red, black, and everyone in between--enough is enough!  Some of us have been played by men, used, abused, and tricked.  Then what does the Judas in our circle do?  She overlooks the warnings we tell her, turns on her sisters like a rattle snake, and goes back to the man (causing her so much pain) running her mouth about everything she thinks she knows.  The poor woman boasts, "Well, I share everything with my man, don't you?"  Everything!? 

In time, what her sorry excuse for a husband/boyfriend was doing is now not doing, and the relationship begins to take on a different course then what her mind had imagined, now the tearful lady wants back in the sisters' circle.  She returns offering her service.  She calls friends for a bit of comfort.  She finds family and friends once again a bit refreshing.  But then the mentally disturbed women turns into Judas again, telling what she has learned to her husband/boyfriend.  How long will she keep running to and fro giving what little strength she has left to stand to the one who exhausts her of her energy in the first place?  How long will she blame everyone else for the pain that her mate is causing?  How long will she lie/cover up the fact that her lover was nothing more than a fraud?

Love has its limit, an expiration date, contrary to what some songs like to make us believe.  There comes a point in any relationship where one has to evaluate, "Am I really loving my husband/children's father or am I just tolerating him?"  It is hard for any woman to rebound from cheating, lying conniving, manipulators who are controlling and more!  Any hurtful thing that a mate repeatedly does, even after you have screamed, "Ouch, that hurts!" is abusing you. 

The phrase, "I love you" can become a burden when the cost becomes too high for anyone to pay.  Consider such a phrase coming from someone abusing you, can you honestly believe that?  From the wife to the children, when all one can think about is, "How much is it going to cost to break free--I just want out of this miserable life?"  You are already paying too much!  When a woman can't sit amongst a group of other women without worrying about who/what/when/where/why concerning her man, she is already paying too much!  When she goes about her day resenting all she is doing for others, rather than appreciating them, the cost of love has become too much for her little mind to pay!  It is unfortunate, but many women have gone to their graves in the name of so-called love, when in all actuality, they went down in hate!  They hated spouses, resented children, and wished for nothing, but love and happiness and never really experienced either for long.

There are far too many women who have permitted selfish needs to override love.  They just had to have everything that their sisters have and now they are physically and mentally sick--they just couldn't wait.  "I have to get married now!  I have to have a baby now!  I have to get the job now!  I have to move now!  I have to have a pet now!"  You get the point, because you most likely have been there and done that already.

These women believe in spouses that don't believe in them (unless they are always ready and able to assist,) but when they are sick and unable to perform, their selfish men don't love them in sickness.  Rather, they look to get their needs taken care of elsewhere.  These unfulfilled women, and dare I say it weak-minded, seek all sorts of distractions and addictions to keep their minds off of their unsatisfying relationships.  They will even go so far as to allow their mates, who they have shared their sisters' weaknesses with, to infiltrate their minds and hearts with foolish talk.  "Oh, those ladies at work are just jealous of know you can't trust women...those women in your support group are stupid, you are better than them!"  So the sick woman, who still has a lot of healing yet to do, regresses.  She doesn't get any better even after cutting out this person and that one, ending this activity and another one!  "Maybe, my husband is right."  Back into his arms she goes, then not too long afterward, she is out of them, wishing she had never let her guard down with him once again!

You can't talk real truth with weak-minded women who are sold out on weak-minded men.  If you have a faith, you can pray for them, but that's about all you can do.  There is a certain degree of mind control that takes place with some women who have spent far too many years imagining what life would be like with that supposed ideal guy.  A mind-control that the woman created prior to meeting her fellow.  She planned their meeting.  She agreed to pay for whatever he wanted.  She decided where they would go and what he would do and what they would build together.  What sounds like, "We" really is about "Me."  And when her dreams don't turn out the way she wanted, her self-programming is broken.  She awakens to a world where she isn't as nice, sweet and polite as she thought and the one she is with isn't any different.  She is tested beyond measure and the children look on in disbelief.  She is a fool for love--she is yelling, breaking things, slamming doors, having temper tantrums, snooping through his things, threatening him, texting him day and night...and whatever else.

Is he really worth it?  Maybe for some of you he is and if so, any logical person will question, "Why?"  Yet, for others, pick up what is left of your mind, and get out while you still can, if not for you, for the children.

Nicholl McGuire   

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