Taking a Break or Being Lazy?

When you really desire to take a break from being Mom is when you know you need to be. 

Hello, I'm Nicholl McGuire and today I would like to share some thoughts about being a mom.

I took a break not that long ago from children yet again.  I have made a point to do this periodically, because for me it isn't easy being a Mom.  I have done the whole "I can't be away from my children" super mom stuff in the past and to be quite honest, I put myself in the hospital.  So breaks for me is a good thing.

Not everyone can parent well when there is much work, opposition, trouble, trial--you name it--all around.  Just when you think you are doing great with so much activity going on, there are a few witnesses looking on the outside in saying, "Not so.  You feed the children too much.  You buy them too many things.  You let them play too many video games.  They are involved in too much.  When do you make time to nurture your relationship with your spouse?"  Get my point?

So sometimes you can't do it all and well either.  Those "I can't do..." feelings will come especially during the school year that will say, "Don't get up this morning.  Don't cook, clean or do anything else." 

There is a time to take a break, but there are those times that one must fight through the feelings of "I don't want to..." and just do anyway.  Surfing the Internet for entertainment purposes is simply not important.  Watching TV, talking on the phone, shopping, visiting relatives, hanging out with neighbors and friends are all past-times, but they aren't significant when children need to be trained on basic things like cleaning up after themselves,  the house needs to be cleaned, trash needs to be taken out, clothes laundered, and meals cooked.  But sometimes a lazy spirit has a way of showing up and telling you that all things "fun, nice, and great" need your attention ASAP.  Don't be fooled!  That is how we mothers end up falling behind with preparing meals, doing chores, putting children to bed, paying bills, writing letters, answering emails, making business calls, etc.  Think of those times when you stayed on the phone far too long and every thing you had planned for that day ended up not being accomplished?  Procrastination got in the way of duties.   

Like children, husbands will need attention.  You may be too weary one day, then two, then three and so on to meet his needs.  But if you let too many days, weeks, and months go by, problems will occur in your relationship that will eventually affect your parenting skills and your children's behavior and performance in school.  Avoid the temptation to act like a lazy lover and do what you can to get some more energy even if it means cutting back on some of that after school hustle and bustle.  Remember give your man some lovin'! 

In closing, make the time for you when you can, but recognize the difference between a break and just being lazy.

Nicholl McGuire
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