Children Play Video Games Too Much

It all starts with one gaming system and one game, now add a game and another and another and before long you are the parent complaining, "You have too many games!"  Well, who bought them?

Most children play toys, games, and everything else too much, because parents aren't paying attention.  An hour goes by, a son or daughter is quiet, another hour and so on.  "As long as my child isn't bothering me...I have too much to do...thank God for the game!"  But how much quiet do you really need?

When I received a grade report from my oldest son, (who lives with his father out of state) I noticed he wasn't doing so well in school awhile back.  So I interviewed him to find out how was it that he could go from a B to a D in one class?  This is what he shared, "I play video games too much."  Read more here.

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