Unacceptable Ad Go Daddy

There was a lot said in the recent advertisement from Go Daddy during Superbowl 45.  The online version was worse!  As much as I like their products, I used them in the past for this site, they crossed the line when they got a guy who looked like a kid making out with an adult woman. 

Apparently, they have some connections with sites that cater to adults who have baby fetishes, according to online researchers.  I must say that when you are a mother with children, you can't help but think about protecting them if you love them.  You don't want them to be introduced to anything prematurely, but it happens.  I think of the sheer number of men who are dealing with all sorts of sexual issues because someone older took advantage of them when they were boys.  A commercial shouldn't even come close to encouraging such behavior.  Sure, you may have increased sales catering to nerds who dig hot chicks, but there was also a nasty message sent as well--pedophilia is okay for adult women and boys.  Wonder what the reaction would have been if some older man was making out with a young woman who looked like a girl?  Oh the dads would be up in arms thinking about their daughters.

Any mother in her right mind would avoid doing business with this company.  Check out competitors and partner with them.  Twitter your thoughts, write a letter, and post something on your blogs.  Keep in mind, your children either saw this ad, will hear about in school (so you need to talk to them) or will see it one day and think it is acceptable.

Nicholl McGuire

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