Children of darkness have a chance to become children of light

As mothers, we don't plan on our children growing up to be the next menace of society, but things happen along the way that either a child will rise above his or her circumstances or he or she will fail and fail again leaving us scratching our heads, "Why?"

I thought of this blog entry when I looked at my son who seemed to always show up at the wrong place at the wrong time.  From heated discussions to a hot kitchen stove, he was always a part of something that us adults would advise him not to be in.  I couldn't help but to reflect on my many uncles who also were always in the middle of the action growing up.  I found that they all had a pattern once the grew up to become men,  they were problems more often than solutions to others.

What is it about that evil force some call Satan that moves us to be in the wrong places at the wrong times in life?  What is it about it (him) that makes humans follow all things we think are fun, exciting, sweet and nice which really only turn out to be painful, dark, confusing, and worthless? 

The child in the middle grew up to be a man that died young.  It has been said that he was troubled all his life. 
I sat back and pondered this short piece before typing it, and I found that the thought that stands out most in my mind is, "Somehow the children of darkness tend to be more sensitive to enemy schemes from as early as the newborn period and that by no fault of our own some are destined for trouble no matter how much light we cast upon them." 

What is it that baby stares at upon a face and then becomes visibly frightened?  What images does he or she see when there is none that we can see, yet he or she cries even after all needs have been met?  Why is it that a toddler who appears to be at peace when we leave his room, suddenly comes running to us about something being in his room that we cannot view?  Why do we prepare for bed at night and feel as if something is near, on or around us that tempts us to think or do something ugly, evil or dark to someone else? 

Oh, I could go on and on about the evil that men, women and children do, but rather I just leave you with these thoughts, mom and dad. 

1.  You are not alone when that thought pops into your mind every now and then while looking at your son or daughter that says, "What on earth did I help create?"

2.  Dark paths, spirits, magic, and overall evil is real and you have every right to keep your child away from all of it especially when you know he or she is acting wrongly.

3.  People, places and things we once loved, we will not anymore when we find that they are causing more harm than good and attempting to put our children on unrighteous paths.

4.  You were once a child of darkness despite having a faith now and that just because you believe doesn't mean that you won't be tempted by evil.

5.  Keep praying for your children, no matter what, and don't fall for foolish statements like, "All children are like that...boys will be boys..."  Every child is different to a certain degree and each has a certain path set before them that may or may not include you, your wise teaching or Jesus Christ.

In closing, it is my sincere hope that men, women and children will come to know truth and that they will not settle for lies regarding relationships, education, health, wealth, etc.  We all deserve to know that all that appears to be right is not, and that it is our responsibility to say and do the kinds of things to help others do better in life--even if that means some will cry, shut us out or don't like us through the process.

To God be the glory!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, get the book!

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