37 things you should hoard – or is it 55? Who needs to buy a book when we have google? « Sussex County Angel

You might have come across a book online about things you will need in case of a disaster, well it turns out that many have used it as a discussion on their sites and have also added much more to think about.  A commentor by the name of Geoff Mcpherson on the Sussex County Angel blog site, had the following to say below:

"Silver one ounce ingots/bars are better than paper money–especially if financial crisis hits. Silver and gold never lose all their value. Silver is more easily used as too difficult to measure small dollar amounts with…a nugget , for example, could be worth $300..and that’s 1/6th of an ounce. Less than a pea size. Silver, on the other hand, is routinely made into one ounce ingots that are currently between 30 and 40 dollars worth.
Water–dried foods are worthless if there’s no water.
SHARPIE PENS: Write on your cans of food what is inside…in case the labels become wet and fall off..this will help immensely when eating from cans…and for bartering with them.
MAPS!! In case you have to “hoof it” out of where you are, you can avoid the major roads and go overland. Get Forest Service Maps of the local public lands. There are hundreds of thousands of miles of dirt roads in the nations forests. Learn how to use a compass and how to read a topographical map.
DUCT TAPE; In Alaska, it is called “hundred mile an hour tape” = you can fix a bushplane wing with it, and can fly up to 100 mph before the tape will blow off. IT has thousands of uses down here, too.
STOCK PILE PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES….IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN. TRY OFF-SHORE PHARMACIES IF YOUR HMO or DOCTOR WON’T HELP YOU. You can’t be any help to your family if they’re trying to keep you alive or’ll become a liability instead of an asset.
FIRE STARTER KIT—matches, lighters, etc. Learn how to start a fire BEFORE your survival depends on it.
WATER: it’s every bit as important as you can imagine. It bears repeating. SAFE WATER can either be boiled or sterilized. CHLORINE BLEACH or CHLORINE GRANULES (spa or swimming pool supplies) can be used. Learn how much to use. Be careful with this product; it can be dangerous. Use the sharpie pen to label it as dangerous/poison –see? you’re already using that sharpie pen!!
CHLORINE BLEACH : cleans things, including blood spills from others. Yuk.
LEATHERMAN TOOL, Buck Knife, Machete.Ax or Hatchet.
FIRE ARMS: you can feed your family with a .22 rifle and at the very least, you can feed your dogs and cats with small game.
READING: Survival Guides and Self-help books
BINOCULARS: I can’t stress this enough, it goes along with the fire arms requirement…you’ll need to spot other people before they spot you. You’ll need to assess their intentions before they come too close. Be careful. In a perfect world, everybody would behave nicely. The world is not perfect.
Fishing gear: hooks and line,,,weights and tackle…you can bet that game wardens will be too busy to enforce catch limits..
In short, if you have any camping equipment and experience, you’re better off than your cousins who don’t. Think of survival as a long camping trip. With consequences."

To learn more click the link:  37 things you should hoard – or is it 55? Who needs to buy a book when we have google? « Sussex County Angel

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