Vacation with Children: How Wonderful?

Let's just be honest, if you are traveling anywhere with young children, you will be faced with a set of challenges.  They may cry for something, become ill, fight, get lost, or move or talk so much that you think they got a hold of the most sugary thing they could find!

Recently, I had the joy of being with my children during a short road trip.  Thank God, it was short!  But what worked my nerves, during this trip, was those periods in the hotel room when they didn't want to be still enough to close their eyes and go to sleep like normal people.  Oh no, the excitement of all that is new and different kept the children active hours past an adult's patience!

As much as I love my children, I also know how much they can be a challenge at times to manage.  I am not one of those parents who denies that their children and others get on their nerves.  Some parents mismanage their frustrations and blame everyone and everything, but their children.  I feel that is so wrong and if this kind of attitude is kept up, it can destroy decent relationships, friendships, and even cause problems on the job.  No one wants to hear about how it is this person's fault and that issue which caused XYZ when everyone can clearly see that you are stressed out about your children.  Save the public relations campaign for those bratty, selfish little people with their starry-eyes and cute little ways.

I created another blog not that long ago about my recent experiences traveling with my children, do check it out here. 

The children and I visiting the National Martin Luther King Historic Site, Atlanta GA.

Stop by my YouTube page for a future video of what we saw on our trip.

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