Author & Poet reads from her book, When Mothers Cry by Nicholl McGuire

Many of the blog entries I have penned over the years were based on my book, When Mothers Cry. This non-fiction book highlights the many trials that most mothers face when raising their children.  I felt the need to write such a book after I repeatedly watched the news to see yet another mother hurt or kill her child due to many factors that are not always illustrated in the news.   I also felt the need to share my personal struggle with being a mom and how I have come to some peace of mind about my role.

When a mother is frustrated, stressed, worried, angry, or simply feels under the weather, an observant relative or friend knows something--the writing is always on the wall!  Someone always knows something.  I am deeply angered when I hear a man or woman say, "How could she do that..."  A woman with a mental illness is no longer able to care for herself much less think about how her actions might affect those around her.  The question of "how" should be eliminated from public discussion when it comes to mothers hurting themselves and others and instead we should ask, "What?"  What caused her to react that way?  Did she confide in anyone prior to doing what she did?  What were the signs?  Did anyone try to get her any help?

As we all know, after a baby is born, that child becomes everyone's responsibility in one way or another.  From the neighbor next door who sees a child doing something wrong to the teacher grading the child's work--it really does take a whole village to raise a child whether we choose to think otherwise.

Feel free to listen to some audio versions of my book at this site.

Nicholl McGuire

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