The Top 5 Mother Jobs of the Decade

Just because a woman is a stay-at-home mom does not mean she is not educated, and there are many mother jobs available for those that wish to work from home. These jobs are advantageous in that:

• They help to supplement the family income
• They reduce boredom or feelings of being "under-employed"
• They are flexible and allow moms to stay at home

1. Work at Home Online Jobs

The best jobs for mothers are online jobs. These are good for mothers because:
1. She has more time for the family
2. She can make her own schedule
3. There is minimal stress in the work
4. There are cost benefits because there is no commuting to work, no daycare costs and no dress code

Most work at home mother jobs are online and they include freelance writing (blogs, e-books, articles etc.), affiliate marketing, and consulting. Finding a job or starting a business online is usually the best direction to go if you have low or no funds for start-up costs.

2. Art and Crafts

Talented women can make art or crafts and sell the products to retail outlets. The art or crafts can also be sold in online markets such as eBay and in online stores. Products can include painting, sculpting, bead making, pottery, and dress making.

3. Catering

Catering is a good way to make money because the hours are flexible and there is not much competition in some locations. This work is perfect for women that love to cook and bake. Most catering jobs are for small events or office functions, but can be as large as weddings or formal charity dinners.

4. Day Care Services

Starting a day care service is a good way to make money if your day is spent taking care of children anyway. Working mothers just drop their kids off and you take care of your children and the other children on your premises. Licensing is required in most states, but is not difficult to prepare for.

5. Real Estate

One of the most popular of the various mother jobs is becoming a real estate agent. Real estate offers a flexible schedule and mothers can even bring their babies to the properties for viewings if she feels her clients approve. All that is required is a real estate license and the mother can establish her own real estate agency with a work load she can handle.

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