13 Reasons Stay Home Parents Say No to Volunteering and Make Money in the Recession!

I must say I couldn't wait to post this lovely woman's article, please pay close attention stay-at-home moms who are stressing yourselves out for FREE! WTF!?

Anytime you quit your job to stay at home it seems the whole world thinks you have nothing but free time on your hands. Stay home parents are the first asked to do things. You're the first person asked to take care of something at school, church, family functions and darn near everything. It's as if your walking around holding a will work for free sign. You may have fallen into this trap or maybe you've just began this journey. I'm here to teach you how to say NO!

1) Eliminate the volunteer positions you don't really want to do.
2) When approached with request say No, and don't give a reason.
3) You're never expected to give a reason why, just a yes or no.
4) People build a mental list of suckers who say yes, don't get on that list.
5) Getting off the volunteer list or avoiding it to begin with gives you options.
6) This frees up time for you to invest in your family.
7) Often you get sucked into the volunteer trap so quickly you don't have time to consider options.
8) Money is a major need, it gives you options.
9) Stay home parents always get suckered into volunteering more than their share.
10) Start telling people NO! Your free time is better spent building money for your family.
11) Never before has the need to earn and save been more prominent.
12) At college time your volunteer hours won't get your kids in college or pay for it!
13) Others are looking for an out of volunteering their time, don't be their out!

The main reason you send your kids to school and other groups is to build independent skills. And while it's great to be a presence in your child's education, being there other than for special programs, field trips and the like does not give your child a sense of independence. Being too involved in school can take ownership of your child's accomplishments away from them. Giving them their space and independence empowers your child. Don't allow yourself to let guilt force you into volunteering too much. It does not serve your child well. The focus here is the well being and development of your child.

Be warned there is a group of parents who create an unhealthy competitive game of who does more. Don't fall into this group as it sets a bad example for your children. It's best to be a stranger to this group. Parenting is a full time job for any stay home parent. Use whatever spare time you have to make money for your family. The love and passion you have for your children fuels us all to do anything we can to help. This is why we fall so easily into the volunteer overachiever mode. Don't it does not benefit your family in the long run. Spend that time at home on your computer making extra cash doing one or both of the following.

1) Article Marketing - Writing Articles like this one for directories.
2) Bum Marketing - Writing and Marketing with NO MONEY invested.

I have two children. My oldest will be entering high school in the fall. My youngest has just begun middle school. I have dealt with the issues we have just discussed and know firsthand the impact of it all. I now make a great living online and have the awe and respect of my kids. It feels great! I'm an Article and Bum Marketer.

Not only do I do this, I now have my own website. Come see how it's done! Here is what I've got; a website with clarity. Jump over to stay home parents and see how it's done.

Katie enjoys sharing helpful resources. In doing so she has created relationships with certain experts and in recommending their products may receive compensation.

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