Wicked Thoughts, Wicked Deeds - Peer Abuse

They can be mean, disrespectful, lazy, and cold-blooded, I'm not talking about military soldiers or difficult employers, I'm talking about kids!  Whether they are yours or someone else's if what they say and do to one another or others is not dealt with as soon as possible, their little minds will reason, "I guess it's okay, because I'm not in trouble for it."

Today I was talking to a girl in the second grade and she had her share of the blues--yes little people have their concerns too.  With an angry look in her eye, she wanted to let me know just how "crazy" her young relative in daycare really was.  So she proceeded to tell me she was so crazy that the next time her cousin came over for a visit, she was going to lock her in the bathroom.  I was shocked, "What?"  On the spot, I cautioned her in that firm teacher tone, "No, I don't think that is a good idea."  Followed with, "Your cousin is going to one day grow up like me (pointing to self) and talk about what you and her cousins did to her...she might act worse if you do that."  So I looked real sad and put on my best cry act as I added a few more details.  The little girl's eyes widened and looked sad.  She responded with, "Well, oh okay...I guess I won't do it.  But I do hope she stays at the daycare all day."  Then she took off and got on the school bus.

You see if we don't say anything to these children who have their share of evil thoughts dancing around in their heads while they are saying some shocking things to us or someone else, they will most likely carry out whatever whenever.  A disturbing thought isn't it? 

As parents we must address all things negative as soon as we hear and see them, because we never know who we might save from something really bad.  Remind children of the consequences if they should carry out their wicked deeds.

Nicholl McGuire author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and Say Goodbye to Dad

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