Mommy isn't Perfect So Why Try?

Your mother wasn't perfect and neither were the women who came before her.  They lied, stole, or did other things that they secretly didn't want anyone to ever find out about. 

Mothers critical of other mothers--you got a lot of nerve, right?  Hope and pray that judgment won't fall on you and your family.

What mothers should and shouldn't might have read a few articles, books, and more about motherhood guidance.  However, I can tell you being a wife and mother of four boys and an author and speaker you will never get it all right.  You might think you did a good job in one area and then discover when you are seated across the table with a teacher/relative/friend that you dropped the ball in your parenting skills in another area.

As mothers we have a limited amount of time to get things right with our children as well as a limit on our patience too.  However, God (whether you believe in Him or not) is so generous with his mercy and his time with us.  You might consider yourself to be perfect, but those around you know better.

If you have repeatedly went to him humble and asking for forgiveness of sin and all-too-willing to do what's right for yourself and children, he hears your prayers.  But woe to that conceited, bitter, or manipulative mother, she will reap what she has sown while pointing the fingers at others. 

So many years gone by, children who are misguided and lost due to the ignorance and misdeeds of prideful moms.  Knowing full well they could do better and change from their evil ways, they don't and rather redirect their stubborn ways, pain and mental illness onto spouses, children and others.  For the mother who thinks herself to be perfect, better than most, ends up losing in the end much (marriages, wealth, health, friendships, etc.)  Her children don't bother with her.  Her husband secretly regrets ever meeting her.  Her family and former friends caution others about her.  The world doesn't like her perfect type.  She often feels alone.

If you have a faith, use it and if you think you can do better, just do it.  You won't ever be perfect, so why try?  Rather strive for doing what's right even when you or someone else is in the wrong.  Believers put their trust in God.  Take a moment to pray today and turn those burdens over to God, He's listening.  Salvation Prayer.

Nicholl McGuire

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