7 Things to Do with and for Children Before School Starts

It is never too early to consider what needs to be done concerning the children before they go back to school.  With budgets being limited, time and patience being few and far in between, a mother has to exercise those time management skills and also be somewhat of a prophetess.  Future predictions include:

1.  Your children will forget some of the important information they learned/struggled with in certain subjects and will need a refresher; otherwise, those headaches helping with homework will return.  Make time to pull out some worksheets (at least once a week) and get those minds going again.

2.  They will have outgrown many of their things.  Is there a budget in place to ensure that their back to school wardrobe is suitable?

3.  They most likely will not be able to tend to everything you want them to during the summer which will roll over into the school year.  Tackle the "To Do" lists that you both have.  Did your son/daughter get to do the main things that they wanted this summer?  Have you got them to help you with your chore list?

4.  Health issues that you put off concerning children will not go away and will only get worse.  Cut the chronic problems off as soon as possible.  Do you really want them to miss school and cause you to miss some work days too over issues that should have long ago been addressed?

5.  Have children visited with the people they really wanted to this summer?  Sometimes relatives/friends can be a big help, so why not make arrangements for the kids to see them.  Don't let an entire summer pass by and they don't get to see the people who mean so much to them (even if you don't care for those folks).

6.  Converse with older and younger ones about all sorts of things.  From how they dealt with past school challenges to what their plans might be for next summer.  It is better to outline goals now and work toward them, then be faced with issues throughout the year that could have been handled before school started.

7.  Put money aside for needed school supplies.  There are those that the stores put out and then there are supplies that accompany teacher's lesson plans.  Don't spend money buying a bunch of things now that may not be needed.  Focus on the essentials and if you can talk with someone who is familiar with the teacher or grade level, then do so and plan accordingly.

Hope this list helps someone out there.  The less you have to deal with prior to the school bell ringing, the better.

Nicholl McGuire author of When Mothers Cry and Tell Me Mother You're Sorry

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