Is it Right to Make Mother's Day a Vacation Day Away from Family?

The Mother's Day holiday is like a personal day a worker takes off from his or her daily job responsibilities for many moms.  It isn't a question of right and wrong for a mother to want to be alone for Mother's Day it is simply a request.  Mom says, "I just want a day off of work." 

For some mothers, they know that if everyone comes over Mom's home--especially if she is a senior citizen, the need to advise, cook, clean, and more will kick in, so instead of feeding into those desires, she just wants peace and quiet.   Frankly, look at the many days when children and spouses could have celebrated mom during the year?  Is it so bad that Mommy doesn't want to be celebrated on a day that someone long ago said, "Make this day Mother's Day."  Maybe the family could pick another day. 

Let's keep in mind, many moms have mental and physical issues that can come during certain times of the month or are daily challenges.  You don't know what mood you are walking into when a mom is adamant about being left alone--take heed Sons and Spouses. 

Why do we assume we know what Mom is going through even if we are moms ourselves?  Why convince her that spending time with her children is best for her when we know that sometimes we are a reminder of the many sacrifices she made for us--which wasn't all good?  Let's just be honest!  Give mom a break when she says, "I'm not celebrating the holiday, but thanks for the well-wishes."

Nicholl McGuire

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