Don't Lie...You Don't Have the Money to Pay for That!

Spending money you don't have because you can't bear to see disappointed faces on Christmas and other holidays.  But the truth of the matter is you don't have it to give!  You really can't afford to acknowledge anyone's birthday, wedding, Christmas, New Year's event--nothing!  Back to school just passed and you are still paying off debt.  So what can you do?  Here's a tip, keep making money and paying off bills.

This is the reality for many mothers who are trying real hard to make their homes fun.  Most men know that when they can't pay for something, they have no problem saying,  "No, honey."  But it is the women who oftentimes buy the holiday decor, celebrate this event and that one, show off new purchases, and make the household happy and bright!  If they don't, in some cases the same man who isn't giving up one dollar is saying, "It just ain't Christmas!"  Now, that's wrong!  My sisters who are tearful this holiday season, stop upsetting yourself!

Some of my readers have been crying over one issue or another for years, and holiday time is one of the most troubling times of year.  Loved ones have died, people are sickly, money is funny, and children can be even more challenging to parent, because of all of the brainwashing from school to the TV.  Women with children, women without children, divorced women, cheating women, women being cheated on, newly married women...they all have issues around this time of the year, the ones they can see, and the ones they can't until months later.  The sudden job loss shows up, relationship difficulities, troubled children, cheating partners, and more after a so-called happy season of debt, smiles and good food--really, that's it?  Then what do some women do?  They lie.  They lie about having money when they don't.  They lie about how much money they spent on purchases.  They lie about being happy, when they are not.  They lie about who they received a gift from and where they have been all afternoon.  They lie about their health, job, and whatever other lie they use to cover up the last lie.  And they can't afford any of the lies!

Tis the season my friends, tis the season!  Many women who haven't started Christmas shopping or decorating, don't!  Go into the New Year paying off debt, not creating it.  It will only be a matter of time that the debt issues will surface and someone in your family won't be happy.  "Well, I will deal with that later, thanks for the advice.  Now on with the show," an unwise woman says.  But rather than do that, consider what the new year might bring because of what you do today, tomorrow, and as it gets closer to the 25th.  Are you promised your job next year?  Is it really worth buying into media lies?  For believers reading this, I challenge you to think, "Will the lies of Santa and other false stories like how much you spent shopping sincerely bring you peace in your home and money increase or will Satan?"  Be wise this holiday season, stop spreading lies right along with false cheer.

Nicholl McGuire


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