Back to school...

This summer seems so short--the end is coming upon us very quickly.  If you spent anytime in the Pittsburgh area, you may have noticed how unusually rainy this summer has been.  With many rainy days, there has been plenty of time to stay indoors and think about back to school and all that comes with it. 

Just when I sat back one day and finally had a moment to myself, I realized that school was starting very soon for one set of my boys and the other set would be starting later.  There was not enough time or money to get them everything they needed, all at the same time.  So here's what you do when you can't buy for every child right least what I have found that has helped me over the years when buying items for back to school.

1.  You enlist the help of others (relatives, friends, and even people who enjoy celebrating birthdays).  When those who sincerely love you and your children, they will answer the call if you clearly state what it is that you need from them.  From babysitting to buying a pair of socks or putting a few dollars in your hand, let these people know what your concerns are and who knows what they might do whether a small gift or a large favor?

2.  Don't worry that you can't get all at the same time; instead note the things that are most needed and get them one child at a time.  Put off buying items for the children who you know can wait.  For instance, if Johnny needs shoes and Rayanne needs a backpack, look at which situation between the two needs immediate attention and which one can be put off until payday.

3.  Search Internet for "cheap..." and include what you need when you are on a tight budget.  Also, don't sleep on classified ads and flea markets/swap meets either.

4.  Ask for donations when you can't seem to make ends meet.  Visit a church, nonprofit organization, or discount store and tell manager about your needs.  Post fliers in public areas and online.  You can always offer a service in exchange for a product.

5.  Do set aside money for whatever cost the most and is very important to get right away.  Sometimes moms will put off what is most needed just to appease a child who is "being good" or will simply forget what is important and buy something else that isn't needed.  Put a reminder somewhere within eye contact so that you can see what it is that you need to be saving your money for and avoid distractions to keep you from getting the items.

6.  Lastly, seek sale, bargain, clearance, buy one, get one, and free shipping above all things!  Forget the regular price anything and if you can't use a coupon or get some break on or offline, even after shopping around, consider it a sign, hold off, you just might have a blessing right around the corner.

With all the things that you readers have to do, be sure that you are making quality time with children and preparing them for back to school issues that may arise with their peers, God bless!


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