Poem: When Mothers Cry

When mothers cry,
tears don't lie.

They don't sigh,
prepared to die.


When the pain has been too much to bear
when disappointments have left her in despair,
she says, "Why do I care?"
While many mothers just swear.

Mother is in that place of disgrace,
she needs to move on, get out of a negative space.

Children mean far more than what some think,
need to find ways to avoid the brink.

Can't do it alone, you hear her moan.
Witnesses don't offer a payday loan.

So when something happens, like things get bad,
all people do is say, "How sad?"

But when it is you and happy moments are few,
now you are saying, "What should I do?"

A mind still stable, a mind still able,
a mother with food on her table,
she can still think, she doesn't need to drink.

But one who is gone, lost and confused,
she is the one who is on the news,
she is going to hurt those she loves,
while little bodies are placed in gloves.

You see, just when you think you know it all,
that's when life throws you a curved ball,
then you have to stand real tall,
look beyond "me time" at a mall.

Support crying mothers and help them out
especially when you hear them shout.
Don't worry over your personal clout,
and what may have brought it all about.

Hold on to God's unchanging hand,
and help a mother's tired legs to stand.

Nicholl McGuire

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