Says the Mother to the Childless

Watered my seed
and it grew, grew, grew.
But why now do I feel so blue?

"So it's true you can feel that way,
even after people have told you to pray?" says the Childless.

That's what they say.

"It isn't easy being a mother, can't always cover how you feel."

It's like being given a raw deal.

Partners and kids want and want just so they can flaunt.
You work and work for some unnamed jerk.

"Wishing things will get better,
you are told to read God's love letter."

But even he gets tired of his bratty kids,
puts them in pots and closes the lids.

Us mothers are up and sometimes down,
but we always manage to get around.

You don't know me, and I don't know you,
but we both share the same view.

"You aren't always happy,
your days sometimes are crappy."


But, you don't always smile,
especially after walking a mile.

So neither you or I need to tell another lie.
Just take a deep breath, and let out a sigh.

We are all in this life together,
we will withstand all types of weather.

"Heaven knows, it will get better!"

Nicholl McGuire a mother who has had her share of conversations with the childless and fellow believers about motherhood.

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