When Mothers Cry Things Change

If you don't have a cry, you don't have a passion, and when you don't have a passion you will let things go whether good, bad or otherwise.

I was angry recently at many things that seemed to come up one after another. I saw a vision one day of a woman who I assumed was a mother with two guns strapped to her side. I said to myself, "Imagine if she had those visible walking down the street. People would do whatever she asked." Sometimes that's the way you feel as a mother. If fear is going to get the job done, the you will use it with children and anyone else who doesn't want to do the right thing concerning your children.

Sometimes it takes a wake up call for people to listen. Sometimes the wake up call is good and other times not so good. Someone's child is murdered in your neighborhood, so you start looking out for your child moreso. Another parent dies young due to health issues that could have been prevented, so you try to do better caring for yourself.

Tears fall from our eyes for good reason. However, so many mothers let them fall in vain. Nothing happens afterward in their personal lives. They keep people in their inner circle that don't mean them well. They bad-mouth instead of taking action. They distance themselves from good people, while hanging on to the bad ones. They take hard-earned money out of their bank accounts that was meant for their children to fulfill their husband or boyfriend's immediate needs. They cry and cry and cry some more, but nothing changes!

Maybe that's why some women grow old prematurely. The crows feet come up practically overnight. There is no release in their spirit other than tears. They moan and groan. Their relatives and friends don't understand. "Why do I feel this way?" The mother cries. "Why can't I get things right with my children?" The grandmother sobs. "Why do I keep making the same mistakes?" The working mother screams. These are real issues that produce real cries and if nothing more than tears comes from these situations and others like them, then expect more tears!

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